Publicness in the 21st Century
This theme traces the shifting of the fabricated borderline between the public/private spheres as applied to nation-states. Encompassing problems of distributive justice and economic systems, Publicness explores the possibilities of alternative systems to that of the nation-state.

Life as an Issue
Progress of genome analysis in recent years, new circumstances involving biotechnology, the rapid destruction of nature . . . the organization of these and other ethical issues opens the way to new possibilities in the comprehension and expression of life and the environment.

Socio-Cultural Symbiosis
Possibilities and Limitations in Socio-Cultural Symbiosis
This theme undertakes a critical review of human history in terms of imperfect experiments in socio-cultural symbiosis attempted at great human cost, and explores methods of developing the possibilities of life and symbiotic lifestyles for the 21st century, without unacceptable sacrifices.

Analysis of Culture and Art through Representative Theory
This theme studies and analyzes various aspects of culture and art from the angle of representative theory. With the understanding and investigation of technology, history, theory and practice as the core, we work to achieve a systematic knowledge about areas of creation and appreciation, various contexts and media.

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