To Those Considering Application

A Message from Head of Graduate School of Core Ethics and Frontier Sciences

 As Ritsumeikan approaches the 21st century, there is a need to forge a new field in the humanities and social sciences, so we have undertaken a plan to establish a new research department that goes beyond traditional disciplines. Publicness, Life, Socio-Cultural Symbiosis, and Representation — these are the four themes we have currently set for student applications, but there is one fundamental principal — that of “core ethics”.

 As scientific technology progresses, if we pursue only convenience in lifestyles and communication, we are merely shifting away from something that we cannot see. In other words, no matter how we try, the rift becomes more invisible.

 Commonality seems to be implemented everywhere, but it’s not. Life seems to be respected, but in truth it is used as mere manipulative alibi. Only slogans of socio-cultural symbiosis are talked of but never been carried out. Representation is prevalent as if it’s crushing human existence. Instead of just blindly touting ideals, we feel that a true study should be about inquiring into fundamental issues that are concealed right after ideals are touted. Will this concept match the 21st century, or not. We will have to wait until the end of 21st century for the answer.

 Seven years have passed since we started. With more than 150 unique graduate students we now have a vague idea of the outline of the Graduate School of Core Ethics and Frontier Sciences. Faculty members, working adults, and young college graduates lively exchange ideas based on their experience and the age they live in. By doing this, we can see the core. We look forward to facing the issues carried over from the 20th century and those to come in 21st century with you in the next fiscal year.

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