Welcome to the Arena of Knowledge

KOIZUMI, Tatsuya

Congratulations to all of you for entering this program.
It has been 15 years since the Graduate school of Core Ethics and Frontier Sciences was established. A great number of graduate students have already chosen a theme they feel is most important, carried out the necessary research, and advanced writing theses. And an increasing number of graduate students are pursuing new fields of research after finishing the curriculum.

For us supervising staff as well, we hold a vital curiosity that does not distinguish between different disciplines —humanities, social science and natural science —in order to tackle today’s issues. We carry out leading research in our respective fields while leading collaborative research projects with researchers of other various fields.

Whether it’s society, economics, politics, lifestyles, environment, culture, arts, or technology, no matter what field of human activity you look at, It is impossible for one lone researcher to solve the problems facing the world today. Furthermore, the ability to logically judge what is correct and appropriate is now sought after. In order to advance one’s research in the world today, it is necessary to both solidify one’s field of speciality while cooperate with other fields of research at the same time.

We would like to call this place of collaboration the “Arena of Knowledge” where researchers work together through friendly rivalry. In this “arena,” a word that comes from the competitive sports stadium, we hope above all that you can cultivate the power to develop your research as well as the judgment to patiently listen to the opinions of others.

Towards that end, us faculty and staff hope to support your efforts. We constantly plan, debate, and endeavor in order to provide a quality of research and education unmatched by other graduate schools.

Let’s work together to create a new tide of knowledge for a more livable world.

Tatsuya Mima
Dean, Graduate school of Core Ethics and Frontier Sciences, Ritsumeikan University
April 01, 2020

Message from the successive deans of graduate school

2003~2005 Prof. WATANABE,Kozo(Japanese)
2006~2008 Prof. NISHI,Masahiko(Japanese)
2009~2011 Prof. KOIZUMI,Yoshiyuki(Japanese)
2012~2014 Prof. MATSUBARA,Yoko(Japanese)
2015~2017 Prof. NISHI,Masahiko(Japanese)
2018~2019 Prof. KOIZUMI,Yoshiyuki(Japanese)

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