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The teaching staff will answer your questions directly!

Publicness, Life, Socio-cultural Symbiosis and Representation – there are theme directors for each theme. Please email to the below adress if you have any questions. It will be forwarded to the teaching staff in each theme field, and answered, according to subject of the question. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have trouble with your research theme, or research plans after enrolment.
*When emailing, please replace “at” with @.

Email Recipient:Tastuya MIMA(The Dean), Yumi TAKENAKA(The Deputy Dean)
Email addresses: doku-ken“at”

Publicness Field

Motoyuki Goto
Shinya Tateiwa

Life Field

Yoshiyuki Koizumi
Yoko Matsubara
Tastuya Mima

Socio-Cultural Symbiosis Field

Sayaka Ogawa
Masahiko Nishi
Tomohisa Abe

Representation Field

Yumi Takenaka
Masaya Chiba

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