Full-Term Doctoral Program

 At Graduate School of Core Ethics and Frontier Sciences, we adopt full-term doctorial program consisting of transversal lectures and exercises from different fields. The graduate students focus on finishing their preparatory doctoral paper while participating in Preparatory Project Exercise opened for first and second year. At the same time, they take part in individual projects, seminars and so on, as an associate. The preparatory doctoral paper becomes a factor to examine whether the student qualifies to officially participate as a collaborator.

課程の流れ*Click to see bigger image(Japanese)

 When graduate students successfully pass the preparatory doctoral thesis, they are no longer associates but they become official collaborators. They are required to play a core role in running various project researches— the main Project Exercise formed of four theme fields, seminars consisting of Ritsumeikan University’s institutes and research centers, global COE base, and collaborative research funded by >、Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research or Grant-in Aid of Ritsumeikan University (R-GIRO and so on). That means, while systematically promoting the research every day, they are required to accumulate presentations of outcomes at various seminars and meetings.

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