Core Ethics Vol.9

Core Ethics Vol.9 (2013)

Graduate School of Core Ethics and Frontier Sciences,
Ritsumeikan University

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Inclusive Education Policy for Special Needs Education in Japan: An Examination of Deliberations by the Special Committee on Special Needs Education with Reference to the Inclusive Education Policy of Great Britain

Current Status of Domestic Violence Victim Support Organizations and Challenges Faced by Them: A Study of Focus Group Interviews with Victim Supporters
IZUMIKAWA Takako p.15

A Study on the Obligation of Support in the Public Assistance System in South Korea: With a Focus on the Current Situation and Its Influence on Families
LIM DeokYoung p.27

A Study of Discourses Aiming to Conserve the Japanese Red Pine: The Development of the Landscape Conservation Concept in Kyoto
IWATA Kyoko p.39

The Mad Hatter and the March Hare: An Interpretation of Alice’s Paradox Using the Time Theories of McTaggart and Deleuze
KADOTA Asana p.49

Has Gender Equality of Primary Education in Bangladesh Been Achieved?: The Difference between Actual Access to Primary Education by Children with Disabilities and Government Statistics
KANAZAWA Mami p.59

The History of Problem Y: Questioning the Process Leading to Psychiatric Social Workers’ Occupational Ethics
KIRIHARA Naoyuki p.71

Japanese Newspaper Extras and War (2)
KOBAYASHI Muneyuki p.83

Problems Faced by Centers for Independent Living in Providing Consultation Support Services in Response to the Revision of the Services and Supports for Persons with Disabilities Act in 2012
SHIRASUGI Makoto p.93

Do People Participate in Self-Help Groups to Assist Others?: Critical Thoughts on Self-Help Group Theories Based on Exchange Theory
SHIRATA Kouji p.105

Exploited Smiles: A Study of the Gendered Emotional Labor of Dispatched Event Companions Hired By-the-Day
TANAKA Keiko p.117

Mieko Kamiya and the National Sanatorium Nagashima-Aiseien: Hansen’s Disease and Kamiya’s Psychiatry Training and Practice
TANAKA Mami p.127

Considerations on Contemporary Aesthetic Realism: Nick Zangwill on Aesthetic Judgment
TANABE Kentaro p.141

The Old Age Plans of a Divorced Single Mother with Slight Resources: Independent Old Age Gained by Farewell from Adult Children
TANIMURA Hitomi p.151

Expansion of Daisuke Tenbata’s Communication and His Interpreters’ Transformations: A Suggestion for a Separate and Dual System Using Interpreters and Care Workers
TENBATA Daisuke p.163

The Effects of Car Sharing: Focusing on Users’ Benefits
NAKAO Kenji p.175

The Burden on Karoshi Victims and Families in the Process of Filing Workers’ Compensation Claims
NAKAJIMA Kiyomi p.187

The Difficulties of Caring for ALS Patients at Home: From the Point of View of Carers
NISHIDA Miki p.199

Criticism of Health Supplements in Japan from the 1960s to the 1970s: Focusing on Dr. Kosei Takahashi’s Criticisms
MATSUEDA Akiko p.211

The Turning Point of the Buraku Liberation Movement in Sumiyoshi in the 1960s: The Amano Case
YANO Ryo p.221

Outline of Takashiyama Hyakusenkai Activities in the First Two Decades of the 20th Century
YAMAMOTO Masako p.233

A Study on Education for Koreans in Osaka’s Public Schools: Focusing on the Birth of Ethnic Classrooms and the Related Education Movement
YANG Yangil p.245

Research Notes

A Comparative Study of Systems in South Korea and Japan for Supporting ALS Patients: An Analysis of Public Support Systems for People with Intractable Diseases, Disabilities, or Major Care Needs
AHN Hyosuk p.257

For University Co-ops to be Profitable: A Study on the Managerial Crisis of Doshisha University Co-op
MIKAMI Yasutaka p.269

The Chinese Tourist Industry and the Role of Media Content: Hainan Island and If You Are the One II
WANG Yi p.279

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